Yoga & AcroYoga Photoshoots

As a Photographer and certified Yoga Teacher, I love connecting the two as a creative expression. When photographing yoga teachers, I can assist in finding just the right alignment in poses, so that the camera sees the most aesthetic expression of the form. When photographing classes, I can anticipate the moments of synergy between teacher and students.

Gemma Vassallo, Peru 2018

In the Sacred Valley of Peru, Gemma & I crossed paths on Yoga Medicine’s Yin/Meditation teacher training. Our schedules were packed, the weather was finicky but we found some time to create a few beautiful images.

Bianca and Sadie, Costa Rica 2018

During a yoga retreat in Costa Rica (lead by Steph Gongora), we got to play a bit under the waterfalls


All of these photos were taken by myself using a timer w/ tripod. Locations include Sacred Valley, Peru, Lake Michigan and Josephine, Alabama.

Brenna Cutlip

Lake Michigan, 2018. On retreat, lead by Steph Gongora.

Experimental & Artistic Lighting

This is a mix of experimental & artistic lighting shots, including Infrared, studio and night photos.
Yoga teachers: Amanda, Stephanie, Lottie

AcroYoga Self-Portraits

These are self-portrait photographs of me basing AcroYoga. Flyers: Dani, Danielle, Bianca,Gemma, Amanda, Brenna

Commercial Photography

Contact for rates & inquiries.

Vino Vinyasa Promotional Photos

Vino Vinyasa combines vinyasa yoga with wine tasting experiences. 2019

Yoga Teacher Photoshoot: Laurie

Stretch Yoga - Class Promo

Commercial photoshoot of Stretch Yoga’s “silent disco” style yoga class experience, 2017

Zachariah Garner
instagram: and @z_acro