No-Hands Headstand

First time holding a No Hands Headstand (aka “niralamba sirsasana“, or free/unsupported headstand) for even a split-second. I’ve been working on long holds of the intermediate level pose Mukta Hasta Sirsasana C (a wide-arm tripod headstand) for a few weeks now, while I take a break from my Handstand practice. I’ve also been working on Bandhas recently, the yoga ‘internal locks’ of the deep core. 

Those to together clicked .. and I realized with proper deep core engagement and control, I could start to hold myself with weightlessness in my hands. This is pretty exhausting work, it’s hard to maintain control from head to toe, and also breathe. 

This is obviously tough on the neck .. there’s also a prop-based variation of this that gives all of the balancing and core benefits of no-hands headstand without the stress the head.


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