About Me:

I do Yoga, AcroYoga and Meditate. I teach and practice. I do this for fun, and I do it to find deep meaning, powerful connections and lasting personal transformation.

For more, follow me at facebook.com/photoyoga. Soon, I will include articles, videos and information on my upcoming workshops.

You can also find out about my Photography background on my Visual Biography page.


Yoga & AcroYoga Certifications & Training

I am a certified Yoga and AcroYoga teacher. My Yoga certification comes from an in-depth year-long program with Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker. My AcroYoga certification will soon come from Acro Revolution, and additional training with Playful Warrior and Yogabatics.

I currently teach with Empowered Acro.

Meditation Background

In addition to Yoga and AcroYoga, I have an academic background in Philosophy of Mind from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am also a long time meditator, with experience with techniques from Zen, Vipassana, Burmese Theravada and Mindfulness. Most of my meditation practice has been in Vipassana, in which I have participated in two 100-hour meditation retreats.



Zachariah Garner


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