After a few months into traveling along the "Banana Pancake Trail" of Southeast Asia, I needed to change course. Sri Lanka is a cheap but long flight from Bangkok. I knew nothing about the place, except that it was considered a "nicer" version of India. It was India with trees, but without the regions of severe poverty. The recent tsunami and recently ended civil war in Northern Sri Lanka kept tourism down in the South, where I would head.


I decided to take a serious attempt to learn Yoga. Sri Lanka isn't known for Yoga exactly, but the beautiful location and relative closeness helps. It turns out Sri Lanka is a bit of a layaway zone for those waiting to get a Visa for India. People come to Sri Lanka before/after their deeper journies in India.


I took a roundabout way to the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka.


I ended up failing in love with a place called Ella, a name in Sinhalese that means 'Waterfall'.