The Texas Capitol in Infra-Red

I had my old camera's infrared filter hacked off. This gives me a camera that can see in very interesting ways. Plants in particular give off infrared light, reflecting it from the sun. This abstracts the colors of the world in curious ways. Some photoshop is required to bring these images to a place the human eye can make sense of. I'm still making sense of all this myself. These are some first shots at the Texas Capitol



Leaves and flowers become white, tinged with blues and purples. The chaos of colors in a landscapes abstract away, leaving a cool simplicity.


I've taken the photo above a dozen times with my normal camera, and thrown it away each time. In a typical photo, the scene above is a mess. Yellows and oranges of construction work pull the eye. Dirty water and sidewalks push the eye away. And the multitude of greens from the plants just add distraction. Infrared transforms this messy spot downtown off of 11th and Waller Creek into a place where you can start to see the underlying magic.


The photo above is also one that I've taken and thrown away many times with my regular camera. I've always loved the scene for the way this great tree is interrupted by the eye of a mirror jutting out on a rigid building. With a regular camera, the intellectual intrigue was there, but it lacked beauty. In Infrared, everything changes. 


I just have a couple hours of experience with this new camera and the new processing techniques available. Black and White photos in particular have a completely different vibe, allowing high contrast without the gloomy darkness.