I'm currently employed a Data Scientist at Big Data Elephants.



My focus is on building large scale machine learning systems.

I have Master and Bachelor degrees in Computer Science. My academic focus was in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed (Grid) Computing. Additionally, I have minors in Philosophy and Mathematics, and briefly attended an MBA program.

My work experience over the past 13 years has ranged from early stage startups to fortune 500 corporations. I've worked in E-Commerce, Healthcare and Social Media industries. 

Recently, my career has primarily involved developing (with Scala, Python) systems using Machine Learning technologies (SciKit, MLLIB) along with Big Data (Hadoop, Spark).



In my early career, my experience includes being on the ground floor of a successful startup (Awarix/McKesson), and an unsuccessful one (VP Architecture at Zoobal). I was on the architecture team in charge of re-launching Hewlett-Packard's e-commerce platform (shopping.hp.com).

Recent projects include:

- at People Pattern, I developed a Computer Vision API to characterize demographic information (age/sex/etc) from people in photographs posted on social media.

- at Big Data Elephants, I developed a predictive model to forecast Electric Grid load based on weather and social factors.

I'm currently interested in Deep Learning (Caffe), Streaming Big Data (Spark Streaming) and the problems around engineering and production operations of Data Science solutions.



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