About Me:

In my career, I am a "Machine Learning Engineer", currently working at HomeAway, Inc.

I am an Acro & Yoga teacher in Austin, TX. I regularly teach with Empowered Acro and have taught with Lache Movement and Yogabatics. I have about 125 hours of teaching experience over the last year and a half.

My Acro & Yoga teaching education includes:

In addition to Acro & Yoga, I am a professionally trained photographer. While I do not generally take commissioned work, I love to photograph adventures & yoga/acro art.

Over the last ten years of my life I have given my time to the practices of Meditation, Yoga and AcroYoga. I believe each of these practices are gateways to deep personal transformation, combining to provide extensive growth in emotional, physical and social wellness.

Zachariah Garner


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