Zachariah Garner is a Photographer, Yoga and Acrobatics instructor, and a Software Consultant based in Austin, TX. Contact Info: <zachgarner at gmail dot com>, or instagram: @z.acro


Zachariah started photography in 2010 as a way to connect and explore. He has had group art shows in East Austin Studio Tour (2011) and Art Outside (2012) as well as benefits for the Austin Child Guidance Center (2014). He has mentored under Mark Daughn for model photography, and self-taught as a travel photographer by exploring SE Asia for 6 months. As a photographer, he values a deepness in connection and integrity with his subjects.

Yoga & Acrobatics Teaching

Zachariah teaches and serves as associate creative director at Empowered Acro in Austin, TX. Zachariah has been teaching AcroYoga in Austin since 2016. His yoga teacher training came from special enrollment in the Alchemy of Flow & Form advanced teacher training by Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker (2015), and he is currently enrolled in Yoga Medicine’s advanced 300hr teaching program. His Acrobatics training has been through teaching mentorships and intensives held by Yogabatics, Acro Revolution, Lux SeattleAcro and Mateo Daniel. His classes combine anatomy and movement principals with an understanding that these practices at their core are a means to connect deeply within oneself and with the partners we practice with.


Zachariah has studied various forms of meditation and spiritual techniques throughout his life. He has a formal education background in Philosophy of Mind, and has continued to study philosophy and religion throughout his life. He has practiced Vipassana meditation most extensively, attending two 10-day meditation intensives since 2013.

Software Consulting

Zachariah’s career has been focused on machine learning, analytics and large scale data systems. He served as vice-president of architecture at Zoobal in 2009, and has since switched to a role as a lead software consultant. He is currently building HomeAway’s Data Science Platform. As a consultant, he is able to bridge communication gaps between various teams while providing a deep technical understanding.

Key Career Achievements
  • Developed in-house machine learning platform for HomeAway, Inc [Lead Software Consultant, Intersys, 2016 – present]
  • Developed Computer-Vision based data science models to classify marketing demographics for social media platforms [Data Scientist, People Pattern, 2014]
  • Developed social media advertisement analytics platform used by RedBull and other large scale clients [Senior Software Engineer, Dachis Inc, 2012]
  • Lead development of build and deployment pipeline and process for Hewlett Packard’s e-commerce site [Senior Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard, 2010 – 2012]
  • Architected social e-commerce platform for early stage startup [Vice President of Architecture, Zoobal, 2010]
  • Developed healthcare analytics visualization platform with location tracking technology [Senior Software Engineer, Awarix/McKesson, 2007-2010]
Zachariah Garner